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Why We Love Cork



Top 10 Reasons to Love Cork

Get to know cork in a whole new way.  Cork is actually the bark of the cork oak tree.  We love it and we think you will, too!

  1. It’s beautiful
  2. Luxurious texture. Soft and supple, velvety or smooth, depending on the pattern.
  3. It’s unique. Cork leather can be made in an almost unlimited variety of patterns and colors. Take a look at some examples here.
  4. It’s water resistant.  Water beads up and rolls off. Easy clean up with mild soap and water. Want more info on how to clean cork leather? Here you go!
  5. It’s durable, fade resistant  and lightweight.
  6. It’s versatile. It can be used anywhere you might use leather, plus applications where animal leather would never work – like an umbrella!
  7. It’s sustainable. Cork oaks are not damaged or cut down to harvest cork. Trees have a typical life span of over 200 years. Regular harvesting of the bark of the cork oak actually contributes to the health and long like of the tree.
  8. Cork oak forests support biodiversity. 25,000 species are supported, including endangered birds, plants and wildcats.
  9. It’s vegan.
  10. It’s hypoallergenic. A substance in the cork bark called Suberin prevents the cork from absorbing water, dust, dirt, mold and mildew.

Learn More About How to Clean Cork Fabric

Harvesting Cork in Portugal

The highest quality cork and cork fabric comes from Portugal and Spain.  Cortizza partners with several manufacturers in Portugal and Spain to bring our customers only the finest products. Check out the photos below of the cork harvest.

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